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Socialdesignzine 2003-2009

There is a time for everything. SocialDesignZine’s time lasted quite a few years. Indeed the past year was Sdz’s seventh year of activity, and the last one. Indeed, as of today, Sdz is ceasing all publications. In the lines that follow we will try to explain the reasons behind this decision.

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The basis of graphic design

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Ellen Lupton is one of the most important designers to have contributed to graphic design's contemporary didactics. Her books, such as Design Writing Research and Thinking with type - not to mention the recent Design It Yourself Kids, dedicated to artistic education for children - represent some of the best available texts on teaching typography and graphic design.

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Freedom of expression and 'news factories'

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Warning: this post does not explicitly regard graphic design. Its’ main focus are communication and information.  Wednesday 30th of April, 07,15 a.m.: as I was having breakfast I listened to the foreign press reviews on “Radiotre Mondo”, transmitted by the third RAI radio channel. Amongst the various pieces of news, one in particular struck me: BBC news was speaking about the Turkish Parliament’s approval of “some modifications of the controversial article 301 of the Turkish penal code. Requests to modify this article had been made starting with Hrant Dink’s assassination in 2007. The Turkish Parliament has approved the softening of a law that had been criticized by the EU as restrictive of freedom of expression.   

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How to create a printery

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What is missing in digital creations that makes them appear so often as cold and distant? Perhaps the element they are lacking is the human factor, the mistakes and imperfections. Surely it’s not by chance that many graphic design researches and experimentations of the past few years have centred their attention on the recovery of the imprecise image. Thus dirty typography, hand drawn images and vernacular graphics have tried to dignify, on an aesthetic level, those aspects that a purist approach prefers to avoid at all costs as poor, ugly, dirty and bad.

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Feminine singular: Frédérique Mathieu

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In the opening video we are glad to present a brief anticipation of Frédérique Mathieu's six short films on Adrian Frutiger, on exhibit at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni Scaffale d’arte from the 25th of May onwards.

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Is the Panda extinct? Regarding the new Alitalia logo

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During the May of last year Sdz hosted a Stefano Asili post, "Alitalia come il panda” (lit. Alitalia like the Panda), in which he rightly invited the adoption of Alitalia's logotype, comparing it to the most famous of all animals on the verge of extinction. Unfortunately Asili's initiative only found a following in a handful of comments in these pages. And I fear now it may be too late.

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The last poster

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Our world is truly bizarre. It affirms and negates in the very same moment. Let us observe as an example the magnificent destiny of posters (for theater, cultural events, advertisements...). After many years of success for poster designers, now celebrated mostly in antiquary auctions, we can now state, with sufficient certainty, that the poster is dead. Having disappeared from the streets, it has become a useless object. It no longer serves theaters or exhibitions. It is no longer used for promoting concerts or conferences. It is finished.

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Signal - 203


"Help! a Norwegicus Rattus!", Rome, Isola tiberina. >>

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Signal - 202

Which one? Both? Udine, May 2008 >>

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Signal- 201

Don't abandon them, Lecce, photo by Roberto Paolini >>

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Signal - 200

Cryptic signals, Alessano (Le), photo by Fabrizio M. Rossi >>

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