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What is Typo Tour?

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The Grand Tour of Italy

SocialDesignZine (Sdz) - the voice of Aiap – is launching a new, original initiative to broaden the in-depth knowledge of typography in Italy.
A tour through the entire country, which has been testimony to the birth of the Latin alphabet, and thus has taken great influence on the western culture.

Italy Typo Tour adds a special access mode to the knowledge of typography. The Grand Tour of Italy’s typography is a true, guided tour to significant Italian sites, regarding typography and lettering.

Special feature of the tour is the way it presents itself as ‘work in progress’. This, by inviting anyone to participate actively. In fact, it is the first project of its kind using the integrated technology of Google Earth™ – downloadable as freeware – that allows to apply the contents via the website of Sdz, as well as via the geological view given through the satellite maps of Google Earth™.
This enables users to create personalized typographic tours, visiting – virtually, and at the same time realistically, through simulation via satellite images – the marked locations, with the help of given geographic coordinates, specified on the charts. An English version of the Tour is currently in preparation.

The tour is divided into two different levels. One, literally more related to the story of typography, the ‘Typo Tour’ and the other, a complimentary, the ‘Sign Tour’ that combines the more remarkable and vernacular aspects of signage, like on plates and signposts, that spur Italian public space.

Typo Tour already counts up to approximately hundred reference points, constantly adding new ones. That way, it remains a continuous surprise to explore new tours: from the magic typography of the Prince of San Severo to be found in Naples, to the puppet theatre (teatro dei pupi) in Palermo (Sicily), from the walls of Orgosolo to the Tipoteca Italiana (museum in Cornuda), from Leon Battista Alberti’s character forms to Massimo Vignelli’s redesign for the Italian railway. You’ll buy it when you try it.

The board of Italy Typo Tour: James Clough, Giò Fuga, Giovanni Lussu, James Mosley, Luciano Perondi, Andrea Rauch, Fabrizio M. Rossi, Alessandro Savorelli, Silvia Sfligiotti, Gianni Sinni, Leonardo Sonnoli, Mauro Zennaro. The integrated platform of the TypoTour has been designed by Andrea Alberti of ChiaLab.

Italy Typo Tour is a project by Gianni Sinni and Andrea Rauch for Sdz / Aiap.


sdz [at] aiap.it
(+39) 0550510210


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n. 366 del 11/06/08
anno VI


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